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Player Spotlight

Weathers Works For Wyandanch
Jay Mumford

Work is nothing new to Wyandanch senior guard Kim Weathers. In fact, when she leaves basketball games, she sheds her green and white jersey and dons an orange apron for her job at Home Depot, where she works evening shifts.

“Yeah, I work hard all day”, she said with a chuckle. But when it comes to her work on the court, Weathers’ clock punching for the Wyandanch Lady Warriors is no laughing matter. Defenses in Suffolk County’s League VII haven’t found much of an answer for the hard to contain, passing lane disrupting, slick assist notching blur of a combo guard, and she’s the primary reason the Lady Warriors are 7-2 in league play (and 12-5 overall).

“She’s a workhorse, she’s playing both the one and the two for us”, said Wyandanch Head Coach Warren Fuller. “She’s so quick, that when she takes it to the hole, things just happen for us.” The four year varsity player has cut down her turnovers from seasons past, and has become a constant threat from all areas of the court. Averaging just over 19 points per game, the 5’5 speed demon has no problem filling it up. But more impressive are her commitments to quick and nimble defense (6 steals per game), setting the table like a housekeeper (5 assists per game) and banging the boards despite her size (5 rebounds per game). Also a streak long range shooter that can get hot in a hurry, Weathers will need to consistently nail the open jumper. “She may need to work on the outside shot a bit, but she has speed and the ability to get to the hole. For her, the biggest key is to keep playing the game.”

Collegiate interest hasn’t bombarded the senior yet. “I’m undecided, but still looking”, Weathers said. But the playoffs are around the corner, and the team co-captain of the Lady Warriors is hoping to punch in and provide valuable minutes. After all, the best jobs go to winners.

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