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Player Spotlight

Parmese In The Paint
Jay Mumford

It doesn’t make much sense that Division HS’ “small” forwards (Kristen Stuart and Kristen Costello) have 2-4 inches on their center. But even at 5’10, Nicolette Parmese is definitely someone you want patrolling the low post.

“I may not be that tall, but I prefer to play in the post”, Parmese said. “I try to play bigger than I actually am.” Albeit undersized from an actual height perspective, the senior has been a big problem in the post for those who haven‘t eaten their Wheaties. The opposition have been over matched all season by the long and strong  Nassau ‘A’ Champion Lady Dragons, and if Stuart and Costello are the long, then Parmese is no doubt the strong. 

“Nicolette is very strong inside, she gets banged around a lot”, said Division Head Coach Steve Kissane. “She can (finish with) either hand and when she gets the ball in the hole she’s usually lights out. She’s good from the free throw line too.” The senior’s brute force in the paint has marked her a double-double threat on most nights - Parmese is averaging 13.6 PPG and around 10 RPG- and if the Lady Dragons are to breathe fire on Farmingdale State College -where they'll face Harborfields for the 'A' regionals on March 12th- chances are good that Parmese will be a handful down low. However, beyond the new found territory of Division making title runs lies the next level. Although college interest hasn’t come in droves, its there, and whatever preparation Parmese didn’t get in the Nassau ‘A‘ Conference, she got via a more challenging 3 year AAU tenure with LI Lightning and a stint with LI Extreme.

“I’ve had a few Division III schools (show interest), but I’m not sure what I want to do yet”, Parmese said. “I’ve talked with Bryn Mawr in Pennsylvania and Mount Saint Mary’s, I’ll probably decide what I want to do by the end of the school year.”

Coach Kissane sees Parmese having basketball life after Division as reality, albeit with a slight shift in position.

“I’d love to see Nicolette play at the next level”, said Coach Kissane. “(But) she’s not getting a lot of offers right now because I think people perceive her to be a little too small to be playing in the paint.” Although its highly unlikely that Parmese will suit up as a college center, Coach Kissane feels her strength and skill sets can find her a slot at the four. “She certainly won’t be the center like she is for us, but I definitely think she can play the power forward. She‘s tough and she‘s great.”


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