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Player Spotlight

Doherty Does It All, Eyes the ACC
Jay Mumford

For every Tobias Harris or Lance Stephenson, there’s a female counterpart- someone who despite being a jack of many trades is also a master of most of them. Players who are dangerous everywhere they touch the basketball on the court aren’t a daily jackpot, but Boston College just hit the lottery with the acquisition of Kristen Doherty.

“I visited Duke, Notre Dame and Vanderbilt”, she said. “But it really just came down to Boston College and Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt was a little too far, and I fit in right away with the Boston College coaching staff and team. I really enjoyed it there.”

Doherty has filled up every column on the stat sheet and wreaked havoc on both sides of the ball at Sachem East. The daily workouts with hoops training guru Jerry Powell and the AAU stint with LI Xtreme have helped to polish her smorgasbord of skills, and opponents have witnessed Doherty‘s dominance over the years. Her stroke from long range will bust up a zone, but perhaps more dangerous is her allegiance to defense, as evidenced by a larcenous 6 steals per game. Maybe it’s the lefty’s ability to finish with both hands or an appetite for boards that feeds her 6 RPG. Perhaps her basketball IQ and penchant for dominating while still finding a way to involve teammates are what stand out about the 5’10 guard, but don’t forget the obvious intangible that you just can’t coach to a player…being a player who can coach (no pun intended).

“Kristen has really evolved into another coach on the floor for us”, said Sachem East Head Coach Matt Brisson. “Sometimes she sees things happening on the court better than even (Assistant Coach) John (Glasser) or I can. She can also flat out shoot, but she really does for us whatever is needed at that particular time. ” Doing whatever is needed is what got the steady senior ranked #12 in the Class of 2010’s top women (ESPNU Hoop Gurlz), but the next level is a different world. The fire pit of the ACC awaits, and  its a stratosphere away from Suffolk County’s League I- where Doherty is dominating with 26 points and 6 assists per game (to go along with her aforementioned stats). Despite her monster stat line, it has the potential to be even more grandiose. But Doherty often takes a seat early in the second half due to an uneven scoreboard.

“I know at the next level I’m going to have to get quicker on defense”, she admitted about the bigger, faster and stronger level of competition that lurks in the ACC. “I’m going to have to work a lot harder in stopping people individually.”

In the meantime, there’s life on the peninsula. With league clashes against Ward-Melville and Longwood being the only happenings between Doherty and her final run at the playoffs, the first order of business is some hardware…and a challenge. After a not so auspicious season debut for Sachem East -which included losing a big game to North Babylon, home of fellow top recruit Bria Hartley- the Flaming Arrows have steamrolled all in their way, with the only resistance being a loss to girls juggernaut Murry Bergtraum and a close win over LI powerhouse St. John The Baptist. Doherty is ready for the increased level of comp that stands between her and her teammates’ run at a title.

“I partially tore my hamstring, so I was out for the first few games of the season”, she said of being sidelined for the North Babylon match-up. “But I’ll just go into the big games like they’re any other game and play confident, play like I usually do.”

And the final element of confidence completes the full package.


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